Ryan Bader Bangor-ed OSP in the UFC Fight Night’s Maine event, Jon Jones mocks them

OSP certainly had sufficient hype coming into this battle, but Ryan Bader was able to shut him down once he weathered the early storm of the first round. OSP simply couldn’t handle Bader’s non-stop takedowns and in general seemed overpowered on the ground and in the clinch. Maybe he was just tired, considering the fight went on well past 1am eastern time.

Outside of a few legit shots, OSP was outclassed, which is a shame because the guy has some real potential. The fight in general was sloppy and wild, but still fun. Still, Jon Jones was shaking his head and laughing at the two men who fought on his television set:

Of course, Bones deleted the tweet and immediately went to bed, happy that few people will be able to challenge his god-like hold on the light heavyweight division.

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