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Rumor: UFC 207 will be the last time Mike Goldberg works for the UFC and The Internet reacts

Goodbye sweet Mike Goldberg. It. Is. All. Over. According to a rumor on the MMA Internet, longtime UFC play by play announcer and human Zuffa soundboard Mike Godlberg’s final event of this career will be at UFC 207. If the rumor is true from a site, we don’t fully trust and pumps out nothing but questionable content, Goldberg’s run holding a UFC mic will have lasted 19 years.

“However, sources close to the situation have told that UFC 207 looks like it could be the final show for Mike Goldberg as the new UFC owners continue to make changes.”

19 years of Mike Goldberg being the de facto voice of the world’s fastest growing sport; the Super Bowl of Mixed Martial Arts if you will. With news of this magnitude breaking in real time the MMA community is torn apart at the seams. One side loves all things Goldberg and his unique way of using words to describe UFC action while the other half hates every fiber of Goldberg’s UFC being.

Let’s go to the tweet

Update: It looks to be true

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