Rumor: Deleted Instagram Post Sparks Rumors of Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz III???

“Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” – Alexander Pope

The world of Twitter rumor… full of vagueness, cluttered with misdirection, and infested with trolls. It’s a place best left unexplored by any but the most hardened MMA fans.

We here at Middle Easy hope to spare our dear readers from the horror and shame of digging through the torrent of dumb MMA rumors that float about Twitter. We don’t like to see your beautiful innocence sullied. That’s why we delve into this internet cesspool and bring back only the finest gems from the unfathomable depths.

And this time, we got a doozy…

Goddamnit, I want this to be true but I also know how stupidly easy it would be to fake this for 100 Twitter hearts. Why must you fuck with me so much Internet?

Conor McGregor fighting Nate Diaz would finally give us the blockbuster fight the second half of 2017 deserves. Even though the Mayweather debacle was only a few months ago, it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve had Conor doing wild Conor shit. That guy always ends up bringing the bizarre. Plus, MMA is never complete without a Diaz brother around throwing middle fingers and talking nonsensical shit that somehow ends up being disarmingly profound. Do we need this fight? Because I feel like I might need this fight.

Despite being all in on Tony Ferguson vs. Conor McGregor not two days ago, this one simple image has completely flipped my opinion. Give me McGregor/Diaz III immediately. Fuck interim belts.


Update: It seems like Justin Golightly had to go and use “logic” and “facts” to debunk this awesome rumor… so blame Mr. Snopes Golightly here for killing all my joy.


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