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Rumor: After UFC 184 win Ronda Rousey will sign-up for a Street Fighter tourney, call out Cammy

Rumor: After UFC 184 win Ronda Rousey will sign-up for a Street Fighter tourney, call out Cammy

At their core all great athletes are constantly in search of their next big challenge. With UFC 184 just days away, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey may have found her next mountain to climb. The violent and underground world of Street Fighter tournaments may be part of Rousey’s future.

The UFC title is nice, shiny, and gold crested but can a high level athlete like Rousey really feel complete on the inside without ever partaking in the top underground street based tournament in the world? Set in mostly on 2-dimenisal plains with both combatants agreeing they will not fight outside the camera’s view, Street Fighting has been the wave of the future since about 1993.

Sources close to the situation have informed MiddleEasy that handshake agreement is in place between Team Rousey and Street Fighter tournament organizer M. Bison. If the UFC women’s bantamweight champion wins at UFC 184 versus Cat Zingano she will receive an invite to be a Street Fighter.

A would-be world dictator and a pure incarnation of evil, M. Bison is also has all the innate attributes of all the top prize fighting promoters in recorded history. M. Bison? Meh, seems like a nice guy. 

Sure M. Bison “allegedly” killed Chun-Li’s father, “supposedly” murdered  Guile’s best friend, and holds a well known extreme “racism” towards beast-like men from Brazil (sorry Blanka) but does that really make him unfit to promote an illegal martial arts tournament?

Never known for wanting to cross-promote with Pride FC or Strikeforce, reports are that M. Bison has a certain set of negotiating tactics that will encourage Dana White and the UFC to work together with Team Street Fighter on a Rousey fight. None of M. Bison’s boardroom etiquette involves kidnapping White, Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan in the middle of the night and forcing them to attend Rousey’s Street Fighter weigh-ins against their will. None at all.

Sorry Holly Holm, Raquel Pennington, Miesha Tate, and Bethe Correia, Rousey has a date with destiny. Rumors also say that if the tournament bracket breaks right (M. Bison will fix the bracket to his liking and nobody will stop him), Rousey will be matched up with trained assassin and Delta Red commando task force member Cammy White. Sure Cammy is well versed in Shadaloo assassination techniques, but how’s her ground game?

Art by Sam DelaTorre 


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