Rumble Johnson Willing to Fight at Catchweight Against Alistair Overeem

That whole bad blood thing between former Blackzilian teammates Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Alistair Overeem? Apparently it’s not just talk, it’s for real. In fact, it is As Real As It Gets™.  Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been saying some disparaging things about former teammate Overeem for working a bit snug in training, or just having a bad attitude, and Overeem has had a few public replies about it.

Now it looks like Johnson is so worked up about it that he wants to fight Alistair Overeem and he doesn’t care how much weight has has to not cut to do it. That’s right, Rumble is talking about fighting Overeem at a Catchweight of possibly 220, 225 or even 230. Wouldn’t that just be Heavyweight, technically? Like UFC classifies Heavyweight as 206lbs – 265lbs, so that isn’t a catchweight, that’s just a Heavyweight fight. Anthony Johnson is willing to fight at Heavyweight. Like I get that he wants Overeem to cut to that weight, but it’s just in the realm of Heavyweight anyway.

Just say you’ll fight Overeem at Heavyweight, Rumble. Anyway, UFC should be jumping all over this fight because it’s an honest to goodness grudge match. We need more of those.

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