Royce Gracie trains with strong man, gets tossed around gently, giggles

I believe in the powers of jiu jitsu. I have witnessed countless fights ended by the gentle art, but sometimes strength has to > BJJ, right? Take this gigantic man who picks up Royce Gracie and walks him around the cage as Royce smiles brightly. Even prime Royce loses that fight, right? Not that any of this really matters, but it just reminds us that Mariusz Pudzianowski is 7-3(1) and still out there. If only there was a Strong Man division, where only people who can pull a bus 50 yards with their teeth are allowed to compete. 

That would be the best thing to happen to MMA since Conor McGregor. 

Look at Royce and Robert Oberst. Loving life.



Working out (having fun) with @robertoberst world strongest man @alexdiciero

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