Roy Nelson’s mullet will eat your soul

We are just over 3 weeks away from UFC 130, where Roy Nelson’s remarkable mullet shall battle to the death with that little dangly piece of hair on the frontal lob of Frank Mir. Never before in the history of MMA has such a definitive clash of hair styles met in the Octagon in a winner takes all battle for hair style glory. Frank Mir’s heavily gelled and lovingly crafted ‘Clark Kent‘ vs the Captain Planet-esque mullet atop Roy Nelson’s dome.

I’m not a fan of the WWE, but if any, any match in UFC history deserved to be special guest refereed by Brutus “The Barber’ Beefcake where the loser has their head shaved post match by Joe Rogan, this was it. If Forrest and Rich Franklin can have a quasi tattoo match, then I’m sure we can get this cleared by the LVAC. What say you, Keith Kizer?

MMA Heat spoke with Roy Nelson at the UFC fan expo in Toronto where he ‘sounded off’ on his upcoming bout with Frank Mir and a myriad of other subjects, including his luscious mullet.


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