Roy Nelson gives the world tips on how to maintain a healthy mullet

I don’t think anyone that’s Roy Nelson’s size is ever offended by being called ‘Big Country’. It’s probably a rite of passage, like tribal children having to stick their hands into an ant pile to prove if they’re truly a man. Roy Nelson has very important mullet news to tell you. The type of news that CNN will never cover in fear that it will make their entire American audience simultaneously dropkick their television out of pure excitement. Roy Nelson is a fun guy to watch explode in the cage. For a dude of his size, you would think he would rely on continental drift to submit his opponents. However, Nelson is like a mongoose in the cage. Let me rephrase that, Nelson is like 82 mongooses sewn together into one extra-large mongoose with exactly the same speed as a regular, non-Frankensteined mongoose. In this interview with MMAHeat, Roy Nelson lets the world know how he’s kept such an illustrious mullet over the years. [Source]

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