Roxanne Modafferi: Still Happy, and Still Worth Rooting For

If there is such thing as a stereotypical female mixed martial artist, Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi isn’t it. It’s difficult to put into words why that is. But if you’ve seen her compete, listened to her interviews, or enjoyed her brief run on TUF 18, I supposed you get it. Credit to whoever coined her nickname, she’s just an especially happy and genuine warrior.

Roxy grew up Pennsylvania and then trained all over the New England area. But she began spending time in Japan during college, and eventually lived there long-term, until she recently returned to the United States. ( But despite her free-roaming and usually contented spirit, Roxy has endured what had to be a genuinely frustrating four years. After beginning her career 15-5, she lost six straight professional fights from July 2010 until November 2013. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped in her last, against respected WMMA veteran Tara LaRosa this September. Now, she’s hoping to prolong her experience in career rebirth, fighting Andrea Lee this Friday at Invicta 10.

Here is Roxy’s most recent video Fight Journal entry, courtesy of MMA Fighting. Once again, we are left feeling that something about Roxanne is significantly different, in a really great way. And perhaps can understand why I want her to win: so we can continue enjoying her unique presence around the sometimes not-Roxy sport of MMA.

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