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Watch: Rose Namajunas gives amazing recipe for marijuana infused juice

Watch: Rose Namajunas gives amazing recipe for marijuana infused juice

Before a bunch of USADA dorks come out of the woods with “well actually”, just remember medical and recreational marijuana is 100% legal in Colorado. Also, Rose Namajunas remains the coolest.

When we last saw Rose, she was casting away Joanna Jedrzejczyk for the final time back at UFC 223 in April 2018. Six months in MMA time actually operates in reverse dog time. UFC 223 and Rose defeating Joanna by unanimous decision feels like seven lifetimes ago.

So much has happened in this weird sport since then.

We’re not sure what’s next for Thug Rose but for now she is enjoying her vacation from cage fighting.

Living that good RV life plus growing fruits and vegetables in her backyard. Namajunas is living her best life and seems to be in a good place.

In a new video for Women’s Health, Rose also reveals she grows her own marijuana plants at her home. Did we just become best friends with Thug Rose? Does MiddleEasy need to open a HQ in the great state of Colorado?

Yes to all of that.

We also get to dive deep into the rest of Namajunas fridge but not before she gives us a sweet recipe for juicing those marijuana leafs.

Drinking your weed? Who knew and it sounds amazing with a twist of lime.

Good on you Rose. We look forward to your next UFC 115 pound title defense versus Tatiana Suarez or Jessica Andrade. We’d also like to take this moment to remind USADA, fighters who snitch to USADA and MMA fans who still believe in USADA (LOL) that weed is completely legal out of competition.

That’s whats up.

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