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Rory MacDonald Wants MMA to be More Violent, Respects the ‘Brutal Days’

Rory MacDonald Wants MMA to be More Violent, Respects the ‘Brutal Days’

It wasn’t too long ago that Rory MacDonald strutted down Bellator’s ramp, surprising even us that knew he was close to a deal. With fights at all sorts of different weights and tons of guys willing to make a name for themselves off of Rory Mac himself, his future at Bellator looks wide open. But what about the good ol’ days? What about the wild west of MMA?

After the absolute wars we have seen MacDonald in, and his fighting style that he has known for, it’s no damn surprise that he would be all game for barely any rules whatsoever. Pride never die, right? Well, with this ruleset—ior lack thereof—iou may just do that.

After this… is it too early to put on our tin foil hat and say that a deal with Bellator could also mean an appearance in Rizin under a more extreme rule set? Being such a fan himself of the game, MacDonald may jump at the chance to fight in Japan for Pride 2.0. Either way, I’m all for him fighting under the most violent rules possible.

Check out this throwback of MacDonald walking about his “warrior code” below.

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