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Rory MacDonald thinks BJ Penn is fighting for fickle reasons

Rory MacDonald thinks BJ Penn is fighting for fickle reasons

Rory MacDonald is kind of like the Dexter of MMA. He is very matter of fact, blunt and comes across almost devoid of emotion when he starts talking about fighting. Maybe fighting is how Rory MacDonald feeds his inner ‘dark passenger‘ need for blood and keeps him from becoming a Canadian vigilante serial killing crime fighting forensic scientist maniac. On second thought maybe I’ve just had too much caffeine after staying up all night watching seven episodes of this season of Dexter.

My imagination might be running away from me but after reading some quotes from Rory Mac at the UFC on FOX press conference, I’m thinking MacDonald really does have a dark passenger that he feeds via fighting.

“I think (B.J. Penn) is fighting for the wrong reasons, and it’s going to get him hurt.”

“Because I’m fighting to hurt him. I’m not fighting for someone’s opinion. He’s fighting for status, something that isn’t real. People’s opinions, he wants to change people’s opinions. Maybe he doesn’t realize that those things are not real.”

“Opinions are valid. But the status of someone, someone places a status over your head, like B.J. being a legend. Now that they’re not saying it, he’s upset about it. Maybe he should’ve learned that it’s fickle.”

Dexter doesn’t kill to please anyone, or to maintain some ‘fickle’ status. Dexter kills to feed his need for blood. Rory fights to feed his need to hurt people’s faces. The fact that he admits his want to hurt BJ Penn as his reason for fighting while sitting motionless and staring straight ahead only adds to his whole scary ‘Dexter’ aura. There’s even been some romoshops created relating MacDonald to Dexter so I know I’m not alone in this dark passenger theory. Now i’m even kind of hoping his walk out this Saturday includes slicked back hair, a sweater and the Dexter opening theme music playing in the background. [Source]

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