Rory MacDonald Doesn’t Understand Human Emotions or Metamoris’s Rules

Rory MacDonald is a guy that we kind of feel for. Human emotions are an intricate part of human life with those interactions between people being some of the stuff that makes life even worth living. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to be on the outside looking in, left to emulate human emotions without ever really understanding why.

It turns out that Rory MacDonald also has some problems with the rules for Metamoris, where he is set to grapple against J.T. Torres on November 22nd. In a video released by TriStar Gym Rory talks about how he doesn’t understand the rules to Metamoris, citing a mysterious email from the promotion with the rules. He claims that there are no rules about striking, which by very, very simple research I’ve been able to discover that their rules are on their website and it clearly states that strikes of any kind are illegal.

In Rory’s mind, though, this is a kumite. That’s right, this is a kumite and hopefully Stan Bush will be rocking out over a montage of Rory training and then fighting in this kumite.

Rory goes on to talk about the hilariously awesome 80’s “documentaries” of Gracies in Action and how his team somehow believes that this BJJ match will be some sort of vale tudo fight. Much like Rory posing with a sign like a homeless person to ask for a title shot, this does not line up with how actual humans respond to things.

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