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Ronda Rousey’s mom, Dr. Ann Maria gives us advice for Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

Ronda Rousey’s mom, Dr. Ann Maria gives us advice for Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

If you took your significant other to Dave and Buster’s only to watch Bellator 133 as “your big Valentine’s Day surprise” there is still time. If you made exclusive reservations with your couch, Fox Sports 1, your secret Doritos nacho plate recipe, and an occasional fist-bump with your significant other there is still time. Love experts far and wide say there are at least 10 million more romantic ways to spend your Valentine’s Day.

After a recount, nope there are actually 11 million more romantic things to do in life than watch Bellator and using Doritos chips as the base for your nacho platter.

Even if you think you don’t help wooing the one you love, you probably do need help wooing the one you love. Judoka, statistical consultant, and all around awesome mom Dr. Ann Maria De Mars has a guide for you. Mama Ann Maria raised current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to live a life of armbars and Pokémon, so a guide to Valentine’s Day is right in her wheelhouse.

From Dr. Ann Maria’s personal blog some advice for the ladies.

“3. For the love of God, if you want something for Valentine’s Day, use your big girl voice and tell him! Don’t be one of those annoying, insipid women who say stupid shit like,

“I really wanted him to KNOW that the thing I most wanted was chocolate covered strawberries.”

Listen to me, chicas. I have been married to a really good man for almost 18 years. Before that, I was married to a really good man for 11 years, until he passed away. So, I have successfully done that “till death do us part” thing twice. If I want my husband to buy me flowers, I TELL him because he is a husband, not a fucking psychic. Are we clear on this?”

Thank you. Nods with the approval of 2 billion years’ worth of human beings expressing their love for one another.

Not to be forgotten some advice for the men of Earth from Dr. Ann Maria.

“Women are not as easy as men. What most women want is to feel appreciated. Some women want sex, and also to feel appreciated. If said woman has borne you one or more children get off your ass, go to the store, or at least the computer, and order her flowers. It’s hard to go wrong with flowers. I have never once heard a woman say,

“You know what I hate? When a man sends me flowers.”

Agree 1000%. Men and women adore the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. Get to know and support your local florist is a statement romantics can get behind.

For more Valentine’s Day tips check out the full post from Dr. Ann Maria De Mars blog. Face the pain, step to this, and find mixed martial arts based love this Valentine’s Day. 

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