Ronda Rousey is your NEW Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion

4:22 is what it took Ronda Rousey to reach into Miesha Tate’s career and steal her Strikeforce women’s bantamweight strap. That’s longer than it took John Travolta to take over the planet in Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000. Granted, it was the longest fight of Ronda Rousey’s career. Subsequently, it was the most mangled arm we’ve ever seen Ronda Rousey destroy. Here’s a heads up, folks. If you ever encounter Ronda Rousey, don’t give her a handshake if you value your appendages. A fist pound will do (or as FOX News calls it, a ‘terrorist fist jab‘).

If Miesha Tate didn’t have connective tissue that attached her shoulder to her arm, Rousey would have literally pulled it off her torso. Ronda Rousey would have made Miesha Tate into the new Jax. People need to realize Tate trained for months to prevent only one move in mixed martial arts: the arm bar — and she couldn’t do it. Actually, in the history of MMA, no one has been able to stop the Ronda Rousey arm bar. It’s like she’s evolved into Fedor Emelianenko circa 2007.

Sure Miesha Tate exhibited a level of grappling that none of Ronda Rousey’s opponents have in the past, but it literally cost her ability to pick up objects with her left arm for the next three months. As a tribute to Ronda Rousey being the champion of yet another sport and granting the MMA world one of the gnarliest arm bars we’ve ever seen — we’re going to show it again in an endless loop of awesomeness. We appreciate all the love you’ve shown MiddleEasy over the months, Ronda. Congrats on your new bling, playa. Props to ZombieProphet for the gif.

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