Ronda Rousey does the Ice Bucket Challenge better than you. Yes, you.

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge has been introduced a few weeks ago, the ALS Foundation has received almost 4x the donations it received at this same time last year. That means over $4 million bucks has been raised to help find a cure for ALS. All because people are just dumping really, really cold water on their heads. This is a classic win-win scenario. Not only do we get to see our favorite MMA fighters, celebrities and friends douse themselves in frigid H20, mucho bucks is given to a great cause and awareness of ALS is raised. Well done, society.

Now, at this point, I have to call out a friend of ours. Tim Kennedy, you wore a little pair of shorts and had to have a man dump ice water on you for this challenge. Ronda Rousey was fully dolled up after a TV spot on FOX Sports 1 and dumped the water on herself. Naturally, this means you have to don a dress and re-do your Ice Bucket Challenge, right?

I think so.

Watch Ronda on the back lot of… Somewhere, where she ruins her nice clothes and makeup for charity. Thumbs up, Ronda.

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