Ronda Rousey discusses dinosaurs, buffalo wings and the evolution of technology with TommyToeHold.

Tommy Toe Hold has just performed an actual, real, non-impersonated interview with Ronda Rousey. Her mouth still flaps around like a Canadian on South Park, but it’s really her talking. As usual, it is fantastic. That’s impressive, considering the comedic master surrendered control of fifty percent of his show to a third party. But it helps that Ronda is a pro.

For instance, in twenty-five years, she plans to be a retired mother who surfs and eats buffalo wings (at the same time). She contemplates being in close quarters with a dinosaur, her favorite Pokemon character, and playing the bassoon. But most importantly, she believes human beings will eventually evolve into cyborgs.

She avoids using the word “Cyborg,” though. Perhaps out of habit.

Again, we are reminded that a touch of Tommy can make anything incredibly interesting. Perhaps that’s the retired English teacher in him coming out. It is probably impossible to discuss the Grapes of Wrath with a fourteen year old without talking fast and saying “fuck” a lot. And, of course, that’s what he does here. As usual, it is YouTube magic.

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