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Ronda is selling her old Honda of which she was very fonda

Ronda is selling her old Honda of which she was very fonda

Ronda was fonda of her Honda. You could say they shared a bonda. A honda is a solid vehicle. Great resale value, you know? And now it can be yours, all yours. Despite needing a new transmission and the car having 156,000 miles on it, the vehicle that once served as the home of Ronda Rousey and her dog can be yours. There’s even some random ass shit in that fucker. Like UFC programs, some medals (?!?) and maybe a stink that only an athlete living in a Honda can create. 

A stink that only a Ronda living in a Honda can create.

So who will be picking up this vehicle? Someone who has $14,800 I guess. Also someone who wants to pay $10,000 more than the Blue Book value, but that’s none of my business. After all, you’re getting some interesting thing inside the car. Including some crumbs between the seats that likely once touched Rousey’s lips and/or ass.

Here’s a picture of the interior.

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