Roger Huerta is giving an all new meaning to the phrase ‘tough as nails’

When I lived in Ohio I knew this guy who would street fight anyone at any given time and you almost never knew what was going to set him off and cause it to happen. Even though you were likely to get a fist to the face from him at sometime during the duration of your friendship, everyone still loved this guy. He was the life of the party. I’ll never forget some of the things he use to say, including the phrase ‘like nails.’ Sometimes he’d just use it as a general term to describe something that was really hardcore, other times he’d yell it out and you could be pretty sure someone was about to get football style tackled and then Judo seoinage’d to the floor for a ground and pound quick KO. Then after he beat whoever the latest victim was unconscious, he’d get up and hug the guy and share a beer with him and laugh it off. Dude was like the drunken Hector Lombard of the mean streets of East Cleveland.

This guy made such an impression in my brain that the term ‘like nails’ has stuck with me and I use it on occasion still to this day some ten years or more later. As a matter of fact when I read an email forwarded to me via Zeus from someone known only as ‘SQUISHYBOOTS’, it was the first thing that came to my mind. The email included a link to a product Roger Huerta is now endorsing that is definitely, ‘like nails.’ It is nail polish, called Alphanail and made especially for ‘alpha men.’ The company has man innuendo and Roger Huerta all over the site and seems to really be targeting the combat sport community. It definitely gives new meaning to the term ‘tough as nails’ and its presented in a way that makes polishing nails look like the manliest thing you guys can do. There’s even an instructional video and it comes in a multitude of man approved colors.

After seeing pics of Roger Huerta flanked by nearly naked ladies while wearing this polish, how any of you guys can you not want to try this stuff out for yourself  I kind of want to hang all over Roger Huerta too now. Alphanail is like the Axe body spray of nail polish and from the looks of things its matte finish brings all the skanky chicks to the yard. For only about $9.95 per nail pen that’s a pretty small investment to make for a little half naked chick magnetism. Thanks to SQUISHYBOOTS for the find.

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