Roger Gracie just mangled Keith Jardine’s face bath salts style

Wow, Roger just made his own debut at 185 and pretty much dominated Keith Jardine until he was so bloody he slipped out of Roger’s scary, Gracie grasp. Showing his length at 185, Roger was able to fend off Jardine at the match’s start then as soon as any distance was closed, he took Jardine to the ground and tee’d off on Keith’s face like he blew a fat line of bath salts backstage. Nasty elbows rained down on a squirming Keith Jardine, and it was that kind of classic, Gracie domination for over ten minutes. As the fight closed, Jardine was able to wobble Roger with a stiff punch, but the techno viking still fell to the judges scorecards 29-27, 30-27, 30-26 – scores that make it look a lot more competitive then it actually was.

Check out the bloody .gif from Zprophet, who has a very handsome Twitter profile pic.

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