(Photo) Joe Rogan’s Dad Bod Might Give Birth Soon

Joe Rogan Dad Bod
Joe Rogan's Dad Bod (Image via @Joerogan Instagram & YT)

Joe Rogan’s Dad Bod Looks Like it Might Explode

Comedian Joe Rogan’s physique has never looked, stranger. Certainly an advocate of health and fitness. Look around at half of the niche products on the market today. 80% of them have commercials that are testimonials of guests that have appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience.

From fancy leg stretchers to floatation chambers, Rogan is always promoting some futuristic fitness products. However, is he actually using them? Often critical of the physiques of professional fighters, Rogan finally weighed in on his show and…. it wasn’t what anyone was expecting.

Sober October


Each year, Rogan and his comedic pals participate in their tradition of “Sober October.” During that time period, Joe and friends compete to see who can lose the most weight by cutting out the vices in their diets. The crew consists of Tom Segura, Ari Shaffir, and Bert Kreischer (who never looks to have made any progress.) During the episode, Rogan took his shirt off to weigh in and fans were taken aback. (h/t Fitnessvolt.com)


What’s Buried Inside Rogan’s Dad Bod

Joe Rogan has taken “dad bod” to Super Saiyan levels. Honestly, Rogan is shaped like an A&W root beer barrel. Either those indentations are abs or a badger that Joe probably undercooked on a Traeger grill is trying to scratch it’s way back into the wilderness.

Is this what eating nothing but elk and jalapenos makes a human look like? If so, the endorsements can end here. Especially if someone is going to end up looking like a steering wheel let out its airbag inside of their body.

Perhaps next year when it comes time to weigh in, whatever Rogan is giving birth to will have hatched. And, his body will return to resembling a normal human. Hopefully whatever is inside is released back into the wild and both parties can go their separate ways. As for now, there’s no release date on when he will hatch.

Stay tuned for updates.

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