Joe Rogan On Jon Jones: ‘You’ve Done Stupid Sh*t, But You’re Still The Greatest M’fer Of All Time’

Rogan reckons Bones is still the GOAT, despite controversies.

Jon Jones
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Joe Rogan still regards Jon Jones as the greatest MMA fighter of all time. 

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s career amassed an astounding 26-1 record as a pro with his only loss being by disqualification. ‘Bones’ broke through at 23, becoming the youngest champ in UFC history and would go on to defend his title 11 times.

While Jones’ career inside the Octagon has been almost perfect, unfortunately the same can’t be said for him outside the cage. Controversies have plagued Jones’ career with the UFC star failing drug tests from USADA and being arrested multiple times. 

Rogan: Jones Has Done ‘Stupid Sh*t’, But He’s Still The Greatest Of All Time

Given the issues, Rogan sees Jones as a wild motherf*cker… but he’s still the GOAT in the UFC commentator’s eyes. 

“The highest fight IQ maybe ever, right up there with ‘Mighty Mouse’ (Demetrious Johnson),” Rogan said of Jones on his podcast. “He’s a wild man. I had a conversation with Jon when all that sh*t was going down and I said, ‘Listen dude.’ I called him up, I’m like, ‘You are a wild motherf*cker and that’s the type of guy that becomes the greatest of all time.’

“You don’t get to be the greatest of all time just being a normal person,” Rogan added. “I go that’s just who you are. I know you made mistakes, I know you’ve done stupid sh*t, but you’re still the greatest motherf*cker of all time and you could show the world. Bounce back from this and show the world.”

Moving Up

Jones will look to live up to Rogan’s praise about him being ‘the greatest m’fer of all time’ as he sets his sights on the UFC Heavyweight title. Rogan is beyond excited to see the former light heavyweight kingpin step up for a new challenge with the big boys. 

“It’s taken a long time (for Jones to make his heavyweight debut), but now he’s 253 pounds, solid as a rock. Giant, huge back… yeah, his brothers are all super athletes.”

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