MMA Beef Alert: Robin Black Goes to War with WestJet After 40+ Hour Delay

Seems like Robin Black is getting fucked by Gatwick Airport and the horrible indignity that is flying via WestJet Airlines.

No airline exemplifies the ball wrenching experience of commercial flying in Canada quite like WestJet, where 1 out of every 3 flights is canceled, and sometimes they just strand you in the outskirts of London for 30 fucking hours. Enter Robin Black’s plight…


The addition of armed guards threatening upset customers is menacing. But as an American is hard to be too critical, as this would have ended in shooting with three dead if it happened in America.

I really am hoping that Black takes it to the next level and make a One Minute Breakdown on the terrible experience of flying with WestJet. Here’s to hoping the Hampton Inn they throw you in have free HBO, Robin.

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