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Robbie Lawler just detonated something on Adlan Amagov’s face

Robbie Lawler just detonated something on Adlan Amagov’s face

I have a coupon for Taco Bueno. It says ‘limit one coupon per customer per day’, but I don’t think it’s fair. It should say ‘limit one customer per coupon per day’. If I can’t get a beef taco, no one should — except for that one lucky person per day. One day I may be that lucky person, but more often than not, I will have to shell out the $0.89 for a beef taco. It’s a small investment for such a receptive award. I know that beef taco wants to get consumed as much as I want to consume it. There are mutual benefits in this short, fast-food relationship. That taco was made for one thing, to fit in my mouth at 3am on a Saturday morning. It knows its purpose, much like the Strikeforce middleweight division exists to be protected by Ruthless Robbie Lawler. I’ve ever prepared a verse for tonight’s first-round TKO victory of Amagov.

‘Lawler laces left lunges loosely like lucky lickable leftovers’

Pentatonic scale be damned, that lyric can easily be placed within a Blackalicious song without much concern. Perhaps you lost your parlay tonight with Lawler’s well executed flying knee against Amagov. Well shame on you. That’s what you get for betting against a guy that has knocked out an innumerable amount of opponents within his career. Congratulations goes to Robbie Lawler, and his epic beard.

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