Ricco Rodriguez vs. James McSweeney set for BAMMA 5

Some of you are under the impression that the Strikeforce Grand-Prix is the greatest heavyweight tournament to ever be assembled, but all of you would be living your lives in a grandiose illusion. The greatest heavyweight tournament to ever have been constructed was Superbrawl 13 on September 7th, 1999. It featured Heath Herring, Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodriguez, Bobby Hoffman, Juha Tuhkasaari, John Marsh, Travis Fulton (who already had 75 fights by the age of 21) and Rocky Batastini. The same person who won the tournament over a decade ago is the same person that a lot of people are predicting will claim the Strikeforce Grand-Prix this year. I’ll let you guys take a college-educated guess as to who that is. In that same mix of fighters stood a young Ricco Rodriguez who caught a first round KO loss to Bobby Hoffman. Ricco then went on to win eleven fights in a row to be the first person to claim the UFC heavyweight belt. If you have an hour of your life that you want to dedicate in front of your computer monitor, you can watch the entire VHS recorded card here. That’s a pretty round-about way to say that BAMMA has announced that Ricco Rodriguez vs. James McSweeny has been inked for BAMMA 5.

Depending on where you pre-ordered your copy of UFC Undisputed 2010, there’s a chance that you unlocked James McSweeny as a playable character with whatever access code was jammed in the packaging of the game. Paul Daley is also slated to headline the event, going against the DEEP champion, Yuya Shirai (and if Daley loses, Scott Coker said that he probably won’t get that title shot from the winner of Cyborg vs. Diaz). According to BAMMA’s website, three more main events will be announced ‘very shortly’. [Source]

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