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Ricco Rodriguez vs. Denis Stojnic went down in Bosnia last night, and it had a controversial ending

Ricco Rodriguez vs. Denis Stojnic went down in Bosnia last night, and it had a controversial ending

Last night, we saw Vitor Belfort destroy Dan Henderson with help from TRT and Jesus. While watching Vitor punch and kick a hole in Henderson’s skull was fun (and also heart-breaking), something else happened last night that we all missed.

Somewhere in Bosnia, on a random MMA card, two former UFC heavyweights clashed. Ricco Rodriguez and Denis Stojnic (you know, that guy who got beaten by Cain Velasquez and an incredibly bloody Stefan Struve) went at it. The fight pretty much sucked. The only reason I’m writing about it is because the finish is kind of noteworthy. It’s not even that good of a finish. Nobody got punched or kicked into unconsciousness and nobody submitted to some cool submission like the Twister. It was just a weird finish.

So, what happened?

Rodriguez started to work some ground and pound before Stojnic managed to hit a nice sweep (probably the only good thing about the fight). After about four shots, Stojnic decides to do the referee’s job for him and informs him that Rodriguez is out (or something, I don’t know). This prompts the referee to declare Stojnic the winner, ruining a good fight saving everybody from witnessing any more of the fight.

The only problem with that is Rodriguez was far from out. In fact, he was still moving and attempting to defend himself. But it didn’t matter, it was too late. While Stojnic is celebrating, Rodriguez is clearly (and understandably) pissed, questioning the referee on what in the blue hell he was thinking. Thankfully, the victory was overturned. Whether Stojnic and Rodriguez have the rematch fans don’t want remains to be seen though. Props to Losh for the +100 news tip.

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