Ricardo Arona plans to make his UFC debut in November

After three years of walking around the shores of Hawaii and Niteroi, Brazil, Ricardo Arona has finally put down his surf board to hopefully make his UFC debut sometime this November at light heavyweight. You’re probably sitting in your swively Wal-Mart chair assuming this is Ricardo Arona’s first fight since his Pride FC loss against Sokoudjou back in the day. Well, if you’re doing that let me be the first to say that you’re wrong and I really hope you kept that receipt for that chair. The swively part is going to break off the tall part and your face will unexpectedly meet your carpet…probably on Thursday. Arona banged against Marvin Eastman at Bitetti Combat last summer and he managed to grab the unanimous decision. In an interview with GracieMag, Ricardo Arona says that if can get a doctor’s approval that he’s successfully recovered from knee surgery, he will compete in the UFC light heavyweight division as early as November.

“I watch everything and everybody, I’m keeping up with things, and I can say I have what it takes to the UFC light heavyweight division, the most stacked of them all”

In the interview, Ricardo Arona also says that he built an entire training facility from what appears to be wooden logs, duct tape and mattress cushions which is probably the coolest thing you can ever build in your backyard. Ricardo Arona has also admitted that he leads a strenuous life of ‘surfing and training…and surfing’. Check out this interview from 2007 where he breaks the record for saying ‘training and surfing’ in a 1:43 time span. [Source]

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