Full Fight: Deivision Ribeiro Suffers Brutal Leg Break at Titan FC Last Night

Well, you never want this to happen. We have to warn you, if you are queasy at all, you may want to peep some of our other articles. At Titan FC last night, Andre Harrison defeated Deivison Ribeiro but not in any way a dude would like to win ever, unless you’re Chris Weidman. Giving us scary flashbacks to Anderson Silva, Harrison checked one of Ribeiro’s kicks and the leg turned into taffy.

Obviously, something like this is pretty gnarly to see. As soon it happened, the internet reacted in a variety of different ways. Some didn’t even want to see the replay, others made some pretty dead-on references.

And here is what everyone is talking about. This is the point of no return.

You could tell Ribeiro knew something was up before he even put his foot down, but it was only after he did when you could tell his leg was all messed up. You never like to see a fighter go out like that and we wish him a speedy recovery.

You can watch the rest of the competitive fight below.


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