Revenge for the nerd! Tamdan McCrory knocks out Ward in 21 seconds

I’m a nerd.  I played the trombone in high school concert, jazz & marching bands.  I was a Philosophy major in college.  I love Star Wars enough to be mad at George Lucas.  I have very definite opinions about who The Doctor’s best companion is.
So when you show me a dude that looks like Tamdan McCrory & tell me that his nickname is “The Barn Cat”, I’m intrigued.  You tell me he became a fighter because he was sick on being bullied, I’m on board.  You show me a fight with a finish like he had against Dustin Hazelett , I’m a fan.  Then he gets a vicious four-punch combination knock out against Brennan Ward tonight at Bellator 123, and I’m hyped.  It’s Barn Cat Time, people!
Here’s a replay from Zprophet:
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