Pic: Retired UFC Vitor Belfort Looks Jacked Again

It looks like Vitor Belfort has discovered a new place to play with his extra energy – Belfort Fitness Lifestyle.

There are multiple benefits from the retirement. The best one is – you can do whatever and whenever you want. USADA won’t follow you wherever you go, and you can forget about sudden tests. Vitor Belfort has found a creative way to spend time outside of the octagon – he lifts weights and makes the fun of fighters who like to eat Nutella. But is there a fighter who didn’t eat it at least once?

After a brutal front kick to the chin and a knockout loss in the fight against Lyoto Machida at UFC 224, Vitor Belfort has definitively decided to make some turns in his life. He announced it would be his last fight. The Phenom ended the 21-year long impressive career. The Phenom competed since 1997, but he hasn’t earned consecutive victories since his impressive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) days. This substance was banned a few years ago.

Vitor Belfort finished the career with the score of 26-14, 1 NC. He has built a big name in PRIDE Fighting Championship, where he had his first experience with a prohibited substance – 4-hydroxytestosterone. He was lucky since the fine was only $10,000 that time. The Phenom was under fire again for another failed drug test back in 2015.

But Vitor Belfort is retired now, and he can drink and eat whatever he wants, without paying attention to the substances. After all, his urine and blood samples won’t be tested by USADA anymore!

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