Reporter gets attacked by Jason Manly and Mike Guymon, sort of — just watch this video

It’s clear that whatever entity is spamming the comment section in Jason Manly’s Grapplers Quest profile is the same force that has been dropping useless sale pitches on MiddleEasy for the past year. Granted I’m not an expert on women’s handbags, but it seems the demographic of MMA fans would not be interested in discount designer Louis Vutton purses. Nor do I think that replica watches is really that hot of a commodity with guys that roll around with other sweaty guys for a living. In short, spammers if you’re going to attack websites — focus on your core demographic. Miami Heat fans.

You no longer have to trek to the 209 to be knee-deep in Cesar Gracie jiu-jitsu goodness. This past weekend, Gracie Fighter OC opened up in Seal Beach, California in affiliation with Affliction — and to celebrate the grand opening, Jason Manly and Mike Guymon spent the better portion of the day just beating the snot out of LayzieTheSavage. I’m sure you guys are going to like this one and don’t forget to follow Jason Manly and Mike Guymon on Twitter. Just remember, you don’t have to get tapped out just to get a MiddleEasy shirt. The non-violent way to obtain one is by clicking this link.

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