REPORT: Some Might Actually Find This Awkward Video to Be Funny

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29, 2014 — Chances are if you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts you know the name of @MMARoasted. The @MMARoasted Twitter account is an account dedicated to the situational MMA comedy of comedian Adam Hunter. Hunter, a Los Angeles Comedian, has seen some success in his career, but has latched on to the world of Mixed Martial Arts over the few years and one look at the @MMARoasted timeline shows an endless stream of situational MMA jokes, many of which are incredibly similar.

On this Twitter account Hunter spews out a stream of similar, but slightly modified, jokes about whatever is happening in the MMA world. He does so in hopes of one actually catching on or being funny and earning your RT, Favorite or even a much-vaunted follow. I’ve broached this topic before, but from my research I have found that some people might actually find Hunter to be funny. In fact, they might actively find that he’s funny and search out more content from him.

Much to this journalist’s surprise, Hunter still creates YouTube videos of him awkwardly standing in front of a camera, slapping his fist into his palm then outstretching his arms while he fires off his Twitter feed of jokes while a photo appears behind him. He covers everything from making a joke about Donald Cerrone facing a “jury” to Bill Cosby being a rapist, gets in a few zingers on MMA punching bag Bryan Caraway and insults a female fighter’s appearance. What’s more shocking is reading that there are people who find this funny. After hours of research and trolling through Twitter and YouTube comments I’ve come to the conclusion that there are people who find this all uproariously funny.

More on this story as it develops.

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