Report: Shane Carwin & his giants hands in talks to do Bare Knuckle Boxing

Shane Carwin BKB

Shout out to the original Big Homie Shane Carwin. One of the original supporters/readers of MiddleEasy, Carwin is will always be cool with the Big Red Monster. Carwin also knocked out Jason Elias with one hand behind his back, which earns him endless karma points.

In ideal world Carwin’s MMA career would have ended much differently. We’ll always have UFC 111 when Shane almost murdered Frank Mir with his bare hands. Good times.

Then there was main event of UFC 116. For five minutes Carwin destroyed the mystique of Brock Lesnar and nearly shocked the combat sports world. Then came round two.

Unfortunately Carwin would only fight one more time after that fateful July night in 2010. Back and neck injuries and the subsequent surgeries that followed derailed the remainder of Carwin’s UFC career. One of the nicest, humblest, most fan friendly heavyweights MMA has ever seen had his career cut short right as his stardom was peaking.

The injury bug remains undefeated.

Now it’s 2018 and after a brief flirtation with Rizin and Bellator, Shane Carwin may have found a reason to return to the ring one more time. With the fringe sport of Bare Knuckle Boxing gaining some momentum over the past few months, Carwin says he is thinking about making a comeback.

There is a promotion in Colorado that is doing bare knuckle MMA fights. I'm talking to the promoter about punching someone. I miss fighting. Trained a bit with Blydes and got my blood flowing again.

Posted by Shane Carwin on Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Peak Shane Carwin was horrifying striking with four ounce gloves. So who wants to volunteer to get punched in the face by Shane now? Bare big ass ham fist knuckles to face? Yes, please.

Come on Fight Gods, bless Shane Carwin with one more match and let the homie go out on his terms.

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