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Report: Off TRT Vitor Belfort turns back to feet licking in preparation for UFC 184

Report: Off TRT Vitor Belfort turns back to feet licking in preparation for UFC 184

In the midst of training for his middleweight weight title fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 184, challenger Vitor Belfort awoke from his bed with an imagine written on the side of his head. Taken aback by this new mark of the young dinosaur on the left side of his head Belfort rushed to the nearest medical physician for a quick onceover. Unable to find an actual MD on short notice, Belfort and his team decided to ask a guy in elephant shirt (probably a veterinary) for his opinion on the situation.

Was the mark the letter “T” for terrific? Was the spot the letter “X” because Belfort is eXcited about UFC 184? Was it in the shape of a cross because Belfort’s favorite pastry is a hot cross bun? Is Belfort a marketing genius and the mark on the side of his head is an ode to a poorly drawn Reebok logo? What has Belfort’s scalp been blessed with?

Theology and visual art experts across the online MMA community have debated the merits of what Belfort’s head is trying to telling to us. Upon further examination Belfort, now free of the shackles of a TRT exemption, is going back to his martial arts roots in preparation for his fight with Weidman.  

Written long ago in some martial arts instructional, the best way for your body to recover after a hard training session is soak in a bubbly tub and lick feet. Some coaches even say if you lick feet with enthusiastic passion your muscles will be less sore the following day. From all accounts coming out of Belfort’s training camp the Brazilian will be in peak physical condition when the cage doors shuts at UFC 184.


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