Report: MMA legend Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto has passed away after battle with cancer

This is another gut punch. Not to make it about anyone else but having to write about the death of Kid Yamamoto in 2018 doesn’t feel right at all. Gone way, way, way too soon.

According to the official Twitter account of Kid’s Krazy Bee fight team, Yamamoto passed away on Sept. 18 after a battle with cancer. Back in late August, Kid took to social media to announce his retirement from MMA and that he had been battling cancer.

Another double middle finger in the driection of cancer in honor of Kid.

Per Google Translate

“Yamamoto Kid Age (41 years and 6 months) to everyone who supported the Yamamoto Kid Tak, I passed away on September 18, today.
I would like to thank all the fans who have supported and supported me during the lifetime.
In addition, please refrain from coverage to the Yamamoto family, a friend, etc., and thank you for your consideration. Krazybee”

Once considered by many to be the top 145/135 pound fighter in the world, Kid cut his teeth in Shooto and K-1 Hero’s. In 2007 he announced a brief hiatus from MMA in order to chase Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. What a legend.

Let us all take a moment and watch Kid knockout Kazuyuki Miyata, in one of his more famous fights.

Rest in Power Kid, the MMA world does not make them like you anymore.

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