Report: Fedor was close to UFC deal but Sakakibara group jumped in with $2.5 million guaranteed

The myth of Fedor continues to grow. Look deep into Fedor’s dreamy Russian shaded irises and try to read what the Greatest Of All Time is really thinking. You can’t do it. Fedor is not with the UFC but with a Bellator/Spike TV partnered group led by former Pride headman Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

Fedor is fighting on New Year’s Eve in Japan and not for the UFC on Super Bowl weekend or UFC 200. Who knows why? Does Fedor even know the mysteries that lie within his huggable heavyweight coated outsides?

From Dave Meltzer’s weekly newsletter (subscription required but highly recommended)  

“Japanese news sources have reported the show being held at the Saitama Super Arena, which makes sense. They’ve also reported that Emelianenko will earn $2.5 million guaranteed for the show, which tells you why he didn’t sign the UFC, since it’s guaranteed and most likely he’ll face a lesser opponent than he would in UFC. UFC had been negotiating with him and it did seem they were close. UFC sources said they were under the impression Emelianenko signed a two-fight deal with Sakakibara’s group.

It is believed the show is being financed by an oil-rich foreign investor who already has a stake in the MMA business. Whether he’s agreed to invest for one show, or a regular promotion, is unknown.”

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