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REPORT: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Redefine SuperFight and Everyone is Disappointed

REPORT: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Redefine SuperFight and Everyone is Disappointed

LAS VEGAS, February 1, 2015 — Last night at UFC 183 Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz put on a fight for the ages, a clash between two of the biggest names in the sport over the last ten years. There was a fever pitch heading into the bout and the expectations were sky-high for a technical slugfest where everyone would walk away happy. In fact, this was one of the few times in recent years where the UFC made a bold promise and was able to deliver on that promise with a big main event clash between two men from different weight classes.

The fight featured everything that we’ve come to know and love about both men; Nick Diaz taunting and pawing at his opponent and Anderson Silva playfully avoiding shots while slipping in strikes that come from unique angles. Neither man went down, but both men connected and displayed their own unique talents in the ring. It was one of the few truly exciting moments in recent UFC history and it would be difficult to walk away from it upset.

Of course, UFC President Dana White walked away from the fight upset, as did many fans and members of the MMA Media conglomerate. Here is Dana White talking about being upset about the action being slower than he expected.

Even Marc Raimondi, Dave Meltzer and Ariel Helwani discuss the fight not living up to their expectations. This seems to echo a lot of the fan sentiments floating around at the moment, which poses the question: What exactly makes a good fight? Is it a knockout? Is it a submission? Is it a wild slugfest? Why isn’t two of the best and most popular fighters in recent history stepping into the cage against each other and doing what they do best a disappointment?

This journalist has a lot to consider right now while tearing down his in-home press row.

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