MMA Rundown

Replay: WTF. Meanwhile in Australia, fighters are collapsing in the cage untouched and losing by TKO

MMA is a dangerous sport. MMA could be a even more dangerous sport if elements of the supernatural start to creep into the cage. How do you spice up the world’s fastest growing sport? Just invite ghosts, demons, the undead and spirits to harvest the bodies of your fighter’s mid-fight.

From a XFC Australia event we have 1-0 James Vake taking on 0-4 Michael McDaniel in a middleweight fight. The fight goes on like your typical regional MMA bout for the first three minutes then one of the most What The Fuck endings pops up out of nowhere when an untouched McDaniel puts his hands at his sides and falls down in the cage.

What happened? XFC says “He is ok guys. possibly a response to the deep choke he was in. a big burst of energy after to escape the arm bar as well, and getting up to quick caused Mike to pass out. All fit and healthy now”

Believe the official statement from the promotion or is the truth still out there and you just need to go ahead and file this fight result under MMA The X-Files?

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