MMA Rundown

Replay: To get hyped for UFC 207 here are all of Ronda Rousey’s UFC finishes in one video

Your fear of the return is almost complete. Just when you think it was safe to go back in the Octagon here are all of Ronda Rousey’s UFC finishes. When Ronda Rousey steps in the cage at UFC 207 to attempt to take Amanda Nunes bantamweight belt off her shoulder, something amazing is bound to happen.

There are maybe a handful of fighters in mixed martial arts that no matter the outcome, will give fans something mind blowing every time they compete. Rousey joins McGregor, Lesnar, Jones and maybe two other fighters in the sport that have that unspoken undefined, unharnessed “it” factor.

To remind the MMA world how dominate she was, save for UFC 193, let’s watch all the times Rousey steamrolled pasted her over matched opponents in the UFC.

This is more of a treadmill of Rousey violence than a pure highlight video. Does Nunes defy the odds or become another to tag victim at UFC 207?

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