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Replay: The best spinning back kick knockout you will see today by Rustam Makhauri

From Russia with spin we have the best spinning back knockout you will not only see today but likely for the rest of 2016. Just playing the odds, spinning back kicks to the face are rare, so when they do land they just kind of graze the chin. Russian lightweight Rustam Makhauri does not just simply tap someone’s chin when he throws spinning shit.

From WFCA 28 over the weekend, Makhauri set-ups his strike, unleashes it and then marvels in amazement as he turns the other dude into a human folding chair. The spinning back kick was so mean it froze another human being into chair-form for a good two seconds. Spinning strikes were not meant to land that perfectly because when they do its pure sorcery.

Watch Rustam Makhauri cast the “El sella de morph” spell on his opponent after landing a crucial spinning back kick KO to the chin.

H/T to @GrabakaHitman for the video

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