Replay: At Shooto Brazil we just witnessed a terrifying one punch KO

So fighting with your hands down is not the best way to win a battle in the clinch? What may work well for a herd of zombies swarming a shopping mall, does not prove to be as effective inside the Shooto Brazil cage. Ismael Marmota is MMA’s new king of punching defenseless zombies or humans square in the head.

From Shooto Brazil 65 Marmota attempted to knock Joilton Peregrino’s head off his shoulders in hopes it would land into a different South American country where Shooto has jurisdiction over. Shooto Ecuador? Shooto Uruguay?

Backed up against the cage, tired and weakened, Peregrino’s only defense from an one punch headshot is to stare off in the distance with his hands down. Mmmmmm no defense in a regional MMA fight.

And from another angle

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