Replay: Local fighter’s only defense is to run around like a crazy person and he’s good at it

Okay being hit in the face is not for everyone. Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” This Iron Mike phrase has never been truer than in this local Malaysia MMA fight from over the weekend.

There are game plans then there is this dude’s 100-yard dash around the cage the moment he eats one punch.

Look, it takes a certain mindset to get in an enclosed cage with another human being and agree to fight each other. Even those these two MMA rookies are on the come up, fights like this make you really appreciation more the feats of athletic insanity that are Lawler vs. MacDonald, Diaz vs. McGregor, and Jedrzejczyk vs. Gadelha.

Kalib Starnes, eight years later we may have found your heir apparent, the Luke to your Yoda, the running to your man, this local Malaysian fighter’s “run away in a panic” defense may be the next evolution of our sport.

Bonus: Run Starnes Run

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