MMA Rundown

Replay: In Sakuraba shorts Paddy Pimblett wins by KO, jumps the cage and crowd surfs like a madman

Is Paddy Pimblett our new favorite fighter? You had our orange candy coated hearts at Sakuraba shorts Paddy. From Cage Warriors 78 over the weekend Pimblett became the UK promotion’s new featherweight champion and then completely lost his mind.

First, Paddy knocked out his opponent, Johnny Frachey, in 95 seconds. Then Pimblett asked himself WWKSD (what would Kazushi Sakuraba do?) and the answer involved a flying knee plus winging punches for the win. Awesome.

Then Paddy cranked up the entertainment level to 11 and proceeded to run around the cage like a crazy person, jump over the cage not once but twice, dance on the cage before finally running into the crowd and partying in their open arms. The best.

Pimblett’s night was not over before a live microphone was shoved in his face. Cut that money promo Paddy! Also sing young Paddy sing “Justice for The 96” for all of your captivated fans.

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