MMA Rundown

Replay: Ground Goddess Mackenzie Dern tools Katherine Roy on the mat, remains unbeaten at LFA 6

There is still time to get on the Mackenzie Dern hype train. No seriously, the train hasn’t even left the station and before Dern is bodying other women in the UFC’s straw, fly (?) or bantamweight divisions you should get a spot on her frate wagon. Already a multiple time BJJ champion and black belt, Dern had her third pro MMA fight Friday night at LFA 6.

On the paper, the match looked like a showcase for Dern and in round one, roughly 30 seconds into the fight it looked another squash match. Then Katherine Roy survived the first round and it made it into the second frame.

In the second round, Dern was tired of playing around. The uber-prospect dragged Roy to the mat, posted her against the cage, moved to mount and proceeded to wail away on the helpless fighter. Roy threw up a desperation buck off the cage but fell into a Dern triangle attempt. But again Roy would survive to see the final round.

The third stanza of the fight saw both women attempt to out strike the other before Dern took the fight back down to the mat for the final 90 seconds. After 15 minutes of action all three judges scored it for Dern and the BJJ black belt moved to 3-0 in MMA.

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