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Replay: From referee head camera footage watch Cro Cop KO King Mo back to Bellator at Rizin

Just don’t fight Mirko Cro Cop in Japan. No matter his age, his appearance at the weigh-ins or even if you are wearing wrestling shoes just don’t battle the JMMA version of Cro Cop inside a ring. Fighting on short notice in the main event of night one of Rizin’s New Years Eve weekend shows, King Mo found out the hard way not to mess with a USADA free Pride Legend.

After an even first round of action, King Mo looked to bring the 42-year-old Pride vet to the mat midway into the second frame. The kickboxer shucked King Mo and his wrestling shoes off and fired away a left hand that crumpled the Bellator light heavyweight in the corner. With nowhere to go, Mo ate more than a handful of brutal strikes from a rabid Cro Cop before he left this world to the joys of a Japanese dreamland.

Check out the body cam referee video of Cro Cop ending King Mo’s night as the former K-1 champion advances to the semi-finals of the Rizin open weight grand prix to face sumo wrestler Baruto, who is just 3-0 in MMA competition (lol).

Full highlights below

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