Replay: Dillashaw pulls off a 27-hit mega-combo to finish Renan Barao at UFC on FOX (Herb Dean w/combo breaker)

Dillashaw is the best bantamweight on the planet, even if you’re a Dominick Cruz fan. After his performance tonight where he danced around a confused and gassed Renan Barao before turning the dial up to eleven and pressing all four shoulder buttons to unleash his special, 27-hit combo blaster, there’s simply no denying his greatness.

Dillashaw wore down every ounce of Barao’s being. Even in the first 5 minutes, where Barao was pretty sharp and landing strikes of his own, but Dillashaw is simply on another level. He’s got the division on lockdown.

Check out this combo:

That’s in the 4th round, well after Barao was gassed, and the beast was unleashed only when the opponent was flashing his tell like a Punch-Out! character. 

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