MMA Rundown

Replay: Bad referee stops a fight way too early, fighter who said he didn’t tap loses his mind after

Bad referee gonna bad ref. As a rule of MMA gloved thumb it’s usually better to stop a cage fight too early rather than too late. Then there is the curious case of Youssef Wehebe vs Jorge Patino at Battlefield FC where a fight is pretty much stopped for no reason at all.

Check the replay and fast forward to the final minute of the first round where Patino looks for a submission of top of Wehebe. Then try to find where Wehebe taps out? Wait, did he ever tap out? Why did the referee jump to stop the fight so soon? Anyone else see Patino causally handshake the referee post-fight?

Put on your tin foils as Wehebe freaks the hell out after the no-tap and try to figure out what is going on inside the BFFC cage.

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