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Replay: At Submission Underground 2 Jon Jones goes black belt on Dan Henderson, chokes him out

For their second ever-grappling event, Submission Underground put all their chips to the center of the table. At Submission Underground 2 Jon Jones was paired with his lost UFC 151 dance partner in the main event of the all grappling card. Make grappling great again was the SUG moniker for their inaugural event and booking MMA legends to go move for move is a great start.

Without his H-Bomb at his disposal and with Bones Jones motivated thanks to his yearlong suspension that will keep him out of MMA until July 2017, Bones Jones had every reason to make a example out of Henderson. After a little over five minutes of grappling, Jones got on top of Henderson and smothered and out skilled the smaller, older fighter.

The result of peak Jon Jones was a nifty arm triangle choke submission to get his hand raised at Submission Underground 2. Check the replay of the finish below

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