MMA Rundown

Replay: At Bellator KB Raymond Daniels basically spammed spinning kicks until he TKO’d Gyorfi Csaba

Whenever the Bellator MMA-Bellator Kickboxing crossover event occurs, BKB’s Raymond Daniels will fight BMMA’ Michael Venom Page and it will be the flashy shit in combat sports history. Staring into a solar eclipse for 60 straight second may do less damage to your pupils than whatever beams of flash project from a ring shared by Daniels and MVP.

Until that cross over super mage event occurs, will just have to settle for Daniels doing outrageous acts of striking in Bellator KB. Earlier today, Daniels almost went the distance with Gyorfi Csaba but before he hit with multiple spinning back kicks to the body that caused his opponent’s body to shutdown. Watch Bellator hit his finishing move over and over again until the ref waves off the Bellator Kickboxing 6 main card bout.