Replay: 45-year-old Pride vet Ryuta Sakurai hit a perfect MMA powerbomb over the weekend

The pro wrestling powerbomb is an underutilized weapon in the sport of mixed martial arts. In a sport that is always evolving it is time MMA embraces the high impact terror of the jackknife, pop-up, sit-out and plain old drop you on your skull variations of the MMA powerbomb. To 45-year-old Japanese MMA journeyman Ryuta Sakurai we salute your ode to the art of pro wrestling.

From DEEP Cage Impact let’s watch Sakurai MMA powerbomb his opponent through the mat. With no pin attempt in sight, sure Sakurai would go on to lose by split decision but he earns a “W” in the hearts of every kid who tried to recklessly powerbomb their best friend on a trampoline. Props Sakurai.

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